Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rethinking the comic book reviews

It's been painfully obvious that my posting of late has dropped off.  In large part this mainly stems from a lack of desire to continue to write up the capsule comic book reviews.  I've been somewhat dissatisfied of late with how they've turned out.  Because I've avoided giving spoilers in my reviews, and because I'm not the wordsmith that other reviewers are, many of the reviews were pretty darned scant in their content (this was especially true with the middle chapters of extended story arcs - just how many times can you say, 'yeah, this is good, looking forward to the ending', anyways?).

Because of this growing dissatisfaction with the reviews, I've delayed actually writing the damned things, to the point where the backlog forces me to be even more skimpy, just to be able to get caught up.  And because I've felt guilty about letting the comic reviews (which are more 'time-sensitive' than anything else I post) slide, I've held off on writing other posts that I was actually more interested in.  Which has made the blog even more of a wasteland of late.

But I don't want to give up entirely on writing about comics.  I care a lot about the medium, and I like to see cool and interesting things done with it.  I also like to give the occasional shout-out to a well done title that perhaps doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.

So I'm thinking of doing the occasional review here and there, when something catches my interest enough that I want to write about it.  The occasional trade paperback or OGN, perhaps a serialized story arc that has been completed, and the occasional first issue or one-shot. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to write a little more on the gaming side, and occasionally get some other stuff written up as well, such as some more Rush reviews.

For those that actually did read the weekly comics reviews, I hope that someone out there saw something in them that caught their attention, that they might not have looked at otherwise.  If they did pick up something because of one of my reviews, and liked it, I'll count that as a win.

Not admitting defeat, just switching gears...

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