Wednesday, March 21, 2012

V&V Vednesday: Nemesis

Character Name: Nemesis     Real Name: Sandra Parsons    Side: Good
Gender: Female      Height: 5'9”     Weight: 160 lbs     Age: 33

Physical Description: A tall, athletically built female with shoulder-length black hair, blue eyes, and reasonably attractive facial features.  Her costume is a simple back bodysuit, complete with goggles and gas mask, and an image of the scales of justice as her chest insignia.  She also has a belt and bandolier that holds her various grenades and weapons when not in use.   

STR: 13     END: 16      INT: 15     AGL: 18     CHA: 13

Level: 5th     XP: 17,504     Basic Hits: 4     Hit Points: 20      Healing Rate: 1.6/day
Movement: 47”      Power: 62      Carrying Capacity: 304 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d6    
Damage Modifier: +3     Accuracy: +3     Detect Hidden: 12%     Detect Danger: 16%     Inventing: 45%     Inventing Points: 1.5     Reaction Modifier: -1/+1      
Training: reduce PR for Power Negation

Heightened Attack: +5 damage to all attacks
Heightened Defense: -4 to be hit from all attacks
Heightened Physical Prowess (acts similar to Heightened Strength A, Heightened Endurance A and Heightened Agility A, bonus may be split between those three attributes as desired): +5 END, +6 AGL
Natural Weaponry (martial arts): +2 to hit, +4 damage in unarmed combat
Psionic Ability: Power Negation (range 8" (INT/2) radius, negates all powers in range, does not affect talents or technology, does not affect magic items unless PR or mental command is required to activate, does not affect physical abilities that are natural to alien races, PR=8 per turn originally, reduced to PR=4 through training)


Areas of Knowledge
Military, Police

Auto-Pistol (+3 to hit, 1d8 damage, 108” range, 15 bullets/clip)
Auto-Rifle (+4 to hit, 1d10 damage, range = 180", 30 bullets/clip)
     armor-piercing rounds (treats Armor and Invulnerability as if damage were doubled)
     high-explosive rounds (+1d8 damage)
     fragmentation rounds (treats Armor and Invulnerability as if damage were halved, but any damage done to target is doubled)
Dagger (+1 to hit, +1d2 damage)
Goggles (IR & UV vision)
Gas mask (provides the Chemical Power defense against gas-based attacks)
Kevlar bodysuit (Invulnerability 6 pt vs ballistic attacks only)
Tear gas grenades (2d8 damage done directly against a victim's Power score, 3” radius, -4 to hit in, out, or through the gas due to obscurement)

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Upon graduating from high school, Sandra Parsons signed up for the Marines.  After completing basic training, Sandra was sent to Afghanistan, where she served two two-year tours of duty.   She was well-liked by her officers and fellow soldiers, and served her time with distinction, earning both a Bronze Star and a Silver Star, as well as picking up two Purple Hearts along the way.  It was in Afghanistan that she first discovered her ability to negate superpowers of anyone possessing them in her immediate vicinity, during a firefight with a metahuman Taliban terrorist.

Having had enough of the war, Sandra didn't bother to re-enlist after her second term ended.  After coming home, she spent some time in college, and after getting her degree eventually joined the police force, becoming a detective after a couple of years.  During this time she used her ability to negate superpowers three different times, helping to stop various supervillains while never revealing her special ability.

The local police force was more often than not dirty, and Sandra was following a trail of corruption among her fellow officers to see just where that trail led.   The reward for her diligence wound up being a locked room full of explosives, designed to end her snooping once and for all.  It almost did; it took her almost a year for her to fully recover from the injuries she suffered, during which time she let the world assume she was dead.  When she did return, it was as the masked vigilante Nemesis.

Her initial mission was to ferret out and deal with the corrupt police officers who were involved in the attempt on her life.  She eventually succeeded in that task, although the fact that she killed several dirty cops along the way won her few friends among the law enforcement community.  She has since expanded her mission to fighting crime and corruption in general; she normally deals with non-powered opponents, such as mobsters and street gangs, but she is not adverse to facing metahuman opponents - her ability to negate superhuman abilities, combined with her deadly arsenal of weapons, has resulted in the deaths of more than one supervillain.

Campaign Use: If the PC's hold to the traditional 'no killing' rule that many superheroes do, then conflict between the PC's and Nemesis is a fairly easy thing to bring about.  Nemesis may wish to target a criminal or supervillain that the heroes (for whatever reason) need to protect.  Nemesis will not kill superheroes, no matter how much she may disagree with their methods, but she isn't above humiliating a superhero who is a bit too reliant on the metahuman abilities.

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