Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Before Watchmen

(Prologue: April has pretty much been a wash, posting-wise.  Between the main computer being taken out by a particularly nasty bit of malware, the wife and I both being laid low for a couple of weeks with a virus of a more biological nature, the last-minute rush to get our taxes done, and a couple of other bits of minor drama have pretty much drained away both the time and the desire to blog on a regular basis.  I'm now shooting for May as my 'get my ass back in the game' target goal.  That said, the following link below is, to my mind, too important not to share.)

For those of you who aren't a part of comics, you probably aren't aware that DC will soon be publishing various prequels to Alan Moore's and Dave Gibbon's Watchmen, without the input of the consent of the writer, Alan Moore.  Watchmen is one of the seminal works of the comic book medium, arguably the seminal work in the field of comics.  And now we're getting these various prequels, under the collective title of Before Watchmen, that quite frankly no one was seriously asking for.

They'll sell, of course, and sell well, because there are a certain segment of fans who don't care about any moral implications regarding this fiasco (quite frankly, a certain segment of comic book fandom is narcissistic and amoral enough that they would shiv their own grandmother to get their comics fix).  But people should care, and Heidi MacDonald over at the Beat has written an extremely detailed article about why you should care as well.

Edit: thanks to Greg Hatcher for pointing out this article, which also touches on the same topic.

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