Wednesday, May 23, 2012

V&V Vendesday: Kaalis

Name: Kaalis    Side: Evil     Gender: Female      Height: 5'11"     Weight: 160 lbs

Physical Description: In her true form, Kaalis appears as a tall female with lightly purple-ish skin, goat-like legs, a prehensile tail, horns on her forehead, over-sized ears, and bat-like wings.  She normally carries a whip in this form.  She can shapeshift into a number of human-looking forms, all of which will be of attractive females.

STR: 13     END: 20      INT: 13     AGL: 18/21     CHA: 19

Level: 6th     XP: 20,696     Basic Hits: 4     Hit Points: 23/26     Healing Rate: 2.0/day     Movement: 51”/54" running, 567" flight       Power: 64/67     Carrying Capacity: 336 lbs  
HTH Damage: 1d6     Damage Modifier: +2     Accuracy: +3/+4      
Detect Hidden: 10%     Detect Danger: 14%     Inventing: 39%     Inventing Points: 1.8 Reaction Modifier: -3/+3     Training: END

Note: split attributes on the above stats represent first her abilities in a human disguise, the second in her true demonic form, which is higher due to increased AGL gained from her wings.  

Body power - prehensile tail
Dimension Travel (type 1)
Emotion Control (lust/desire)
Heightened Defense (-4 to be hit)
Heightened Physicality (+3 STR, +7 END, +6 AGL)
Heightened Senses: Detect Magic (automatic, range 13" radius)
Transformation (Shapeshifter/Disguise)
Wings (+3 AGL, 567" flight (129 MPH))
*Flame Power (attack only ("fireball"), PR 2, 36", 1d12 damage)
*Illusions (type A, visual/audible/odor/taste, PR 4)

*spells learned through the expenditure of Inventing Points

Demon Whip (+2 to hit, HTH + 1d6 damage, can also attack as Devitaliation Ray up to 13 times a day (carrier attack, no range, requires successful HTH attack to use), and Death Touch once per day (same limitations).

Takes 2d8 damage from a splash of holy water, x2 damage from silver and sunlight based attacks (and 1 pt of damage per turn in direct sunlight); if in human guise, any of these attacks will force her to assume her true form.  Also susceptible to summonings, banishings, and wardings.

Areas of Knowledge
Nether Realms, Seduction & Corruption

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Kaalis is a succubus, a demon who has been seducing and corrupting mortal for untold ages.  She can travel between the nether realms and the earthly realm at will, which places her fairly high in the hierarchy of demons, above many such beings who are perhaps more physically threatening.  She is not adverse to using her demonic abilities when needed against normal mortals, but prefers to work in the shadows against superhuman foes whenever possible.  The seduction and corruption of superheroes is considered a grand accomplishment among succubi, but Kaalis is careful in choosing such targets; she will avoid magicians, psychics, and any one else whose abilities might allow them to deduce her true nature.

The destruction of the hated foe Sunshine Scout is considered a high priority among the demons currently on Earth.  Kaalis greatly desires this accomplishment for herself, but feels no inclination to confront Sunshine Scout directly, preferring instead to seduce various supervillains into attacking her, and perhaps even tricking a superhero into doing so.  Kaalis will only step in directly to finish the job if she is certain that Sunshine Scout is indeed helpless, having no desire to get into anything remotely resembling a 'fair' fight.

Campaign Use: A friendly NPC might fall under Kaalis's wiles, with the PC's eventually having to save them.  Alternatively, Kaalis may target a PC directly (the 'girlfriend from hell' storyline pretty much writes itself, doesn't it?).  If Sunshine Scout is in the PC's city, Kaalis is sure to be nearby, trying to manipulate others into attacking her.


  1. I have been reading these write=ups for a while now and I *really* need to get back into V&V.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you for the kind words!