Saturday, November 17, 2012

C&C: the Bravo class

In most fantasy worlds there are those who live (and die) by violence, but who lack the full training of Fighters and other such warriors.  Picking up what they know mainly from the school of hard knocks, they are brawlers who are not entirely adverse to stealth and guile, as they often operate outside the law.  They are street thugs, muscle for the thieves' guild, back-alley throatslitters, barroom brawlers, village goons, highway bandits, and forested revolutionaries.  They are Bravos.


Move Silently (Dexterity):  As per the Rogue ability.

Sneak Attack:  Gained at 4th level, as per the Rogue ability.  If wearing armor heaver than leather, this penalty suffers a -1 penalty for each point above AC 12 the armor confers.  Likewise, non-leather headgear confers an additional -1 penalty, as does the use of a non-small shield,

Weapon Specialization:  Gained at 4th level, as per the Fighter ability, granting a +1 bonus to hit and damage.  This increases to +2 at 10th level.

The Bravo also has two other special abilities, which varies depending on whether the Bravo is primarily urban- or rural-based.

Bravos who work primarily in cities or larger towns have the following two special abilities:

Conceal (Dexterity):  As per the Rogue ability.  Penalties for wearing heavier armors apply, as per the sneak Attack ability.

Listen (Wisdom):  As per the Rogue ability.

Bravos who live more in villages, or who live outside of civilization altogether (i.e. in the forest) have the following two special abilities:

Conceal (Dexterity):  As per the Ranger ability.

Survival (Wisdom):  As per the Ranger ability.

PRIME ATTRIBUTE: Strength or Dexterity
ALIGNMENT: Any non-Lawful
ARMOR: Cuir bouille, hide, leather, mail shirt, padded, ring mail, scale mail, studded leather, shield (small, medium, or pavis), helm (any except armet or great helm)
STARTING GOLD: 30-120 gp (3d4 x 10)
Level       HD          BtH         EPP
  1         d8          0              0
  2         d8         +1          1,501
  3         d8         +2          3,001
  4         d8         +3          6,251
  5         d8         +4         12,501
  6         d8         +5         25,001
  7         d8         +6         50,001
  8         d8         +7        100,001
  9         d8         +8        200,001
 10         d8         +9        400,001
 11       +3 HP        +10       600,001
 12       +3 HP        +11       800,001
 13+ 200,000 EP per level

The first draft of this was posted many, many moons ago on the old Troll Lords Games C&C forums

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