Sunday, January 2, 2011

A work in progress

Been playing around with the backgrounds and color scheme for the blog; will probably do some more tinkering before I'm happy with it.  Not that I'm expecting it to be particularly stunning (it should be abundantly clear at this point that a strong sense of visual aesthetics is not among my talents), but hopefully it won't be too eye-gouging.  Unfortunately, at one point some of the links in the sidebars weren't showing up, and first and foremost I want the blog to be easy to read, fancy color schemes be damned.  I still need to get a handle on the various options and tools that Blogspot is offering me; this may unfortunately take a while before I get myself up to speed.  Until then, your patience will be greatly appreciated.


  1. No worries, Blogspot takes a bit to get used to. Hope you don't mind, but I linked you from my facebook page. Put a call out to other gaming geeks :)

  2. PS, pass on to your lovely lady that I have a novel I'm posting parts of online.

  3. It's not bad, but blue is pretty unforgiving as a background color.