Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V&V Vednesday: Evelyn Dawson

Character Name: Evelyn Dawson     Side: Good 
Gender: Female      Height: 5'6”     Weight: 160 lbs     Age: 24

Physical Description: An average looking, slightly pale Caucasian female with brunette hair and brown eyes.  She favors casual clothing, usually wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

STR: 12     END: 30      INT: 13     AGL: 12     CHA: 11

Level: 1st     XP: 103     Basic Hits: 4     Hit Points: 27      Healing Rate: 3.6/turn
Movement: 54”      Power: 67      Carrying Capacity: 378 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d6
Damage Modifier: +1     Accuracy: +1    Detect Hidden: 10%     Detect Danger: 14%
Inventing: 39%     Inventing Points: 1.3     Reaction Modifier: -     Training: Charisma


Heightened Endurance B: +17
Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with Psychic Assault 
Psionics: Psychic Assault (2d8 damage, range 24" (INTx2), attack as Emotion Control, if base attack is successful then victim must make percentile roll vs CHR or be stunned into inactivity (if failed, victim may make rolls on following rounds to throw off the effect), PR=13)
Willpower A (vs physical functions only)

Prejudice: although they may not pick up on it immediately, people tend to react negatively to Evelyn's near-death state when they do notice it (consciously or otherwise) - most people would get to make a Detect Hidden roll once per turn while interacting with her to pick up on her altered biological state.

Areas of Knowledge
Mechanical, Writing

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Evelyn was by all accounts a pretty normal person.  She worked as a mechanic during the day at an auto repair shop, while at night she wrote various fanfics that she put up on the internet under the name "Darkmoon Queen".  She dated occasionally, but nothing serious ever came from it.  She lived by herself in a one-bedroom apartment.

One late afternoon when she had a day off from work, she was jogging in the park when she suddenly felt like a sledgehammer had struck her in the chest.  A split-second later she heard the gunshot.  As her body tumbled off into the ravine, she saw the blood on her chest and realized that she had been shot.  Then darkness.

That should have been the end of Evelyn's story, but it wasn't.  Several hours later, she woke up in the ravine.  There was still (dried) blood on her chest and her back, and a hole in both the front and back of her shirt where a bullet had passed through, but she couldn't find any sign of injury on her body.

Wandering back home in the darkness, a man with a knife forced her into the trees to try to sexually assault her.  Evelyn fought back, and after the man slashed her arm with the knife, something welled up inside her, and she felt all of the pain that she felt when she had been shot, when she thought she was going to die, and somehow projected that pain onto her attacker.  She left him there in the woods, in a fetal position, crying.  As she left the park she realized that her arm was no longer bleeding, and that the wound had somehow healed itself.

Uncertain as to what had happened, and what to do about it, she tried to continue her life as usual, but that wasn't so easy.  Her co-workers started acting coldly toward her; Evelyn eventually realized that her breathing and pulse rate, during times of relative inactivity, where far below normal (about 1/5 the normal rate for each), and it was pointed out to her that she could be oddly still when not engaged in physical activity, lacking the normal body kinesis that most people are used to seeing in others.  Also, she came to realize that she doesn't seem to get tired, or suffer from fatigue anymore, even after serious physical exertion, and that she can hold her breath for over fifteen minutes before being discomforted.

Going back to the area in the park where she had been shot, she eventually found the bullet that pierced her heart in the ravine.  So far this is the only clue she has to the shooting, and given that she's not a detective, it's not much.  She can't figure out why someone would wish her dead, possibly even hiring an assassin to kill her.  She had no real enemies that she could think of, and didn't have enough money to warrant such a crime against her person.  She has been hoping that whoever shot her doesn't find out that she's still alive (relatively speaking - Evelyn's worst fear is that she's actually dead, but still sentient and animated for some reason), but she's also beginning to suspect that a further confrontation with whoever wished her dead may be the only way to find out why she was targeted.

Campaign Use: The PC's may encounter Evelyn as she tries to find out who had her shot, or she may even come to them for help, especially if one or more of the PC's are known for their detective work.

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