Wednesday, February 29, 2012

V&V Vednesday: Anansi

Character Name: Anansi     Real Name: Gabriel 'Gabe' Barnes     Side: Evil
Gender: Male     Height: 5'5"     Weight: 120 lbs     Age: 19

Physical Description: A short, extremely skinny young black man with short-cut black hair and brown eyes.  His costume is a simple black bodysuit, notable only for the lack of gloves and boots.  His belt has several lockpicking and safecracking tools attached, and he wears a pair of high-tech goggles.  

STR: 9     END: 12      INT: 16     AGL: 28     CHA: 25

Level: 1st     XP: 1,368     Basic Hits: 3     Hit Points: 15      Healing Rate: 0.9/day
Movement: 49” (running), 25" (climbing)      Power: 61       Carrying Capacity: 116 lbs  
HTH Damage: 1d3     Damage Modifier: +4     Accuracy: +5
Detect Hidden: 12%     Detect Danger: 16%     Inventing: 48%     Inventing Points: 1.6
Reaction Modifier: -4 good/+4 evil     Training: STR

Animal Powers (Arachnid)
     Body Power: Wall-crawling (1/2 running speed)
     Heightened Agility A: +11
     Natural Weaponry (claws): +1 to hit, +2 to damage
     Poison/Venom - a 'carrier attack' that can be used with any successful use of Natural Weaponry that inflicts damage: does an additional 1d8 damage, and has a chance to knock the victim unconscious (requires a second attack roll, treat as Paralysis Ray), 12 doses/day.
Heightened Charisma B: +17

Goggles (UV vision, distance or fine detail magnification x10, camera function)

Areas of Knowledge
Crime, Electronics

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Gabriel grew up in a poor neighborhood with a distant father and an alcoholic mother.  A short, skinny kid who was also smart and more than a little shy, he was a natural target for bullies while growing up.  He had a natural talent for fixing and fiddling with various electronic devices, but aside from that he never quite had the drive or inclination for the type of study that would have been needed to get a college scholarship.  He knew at a young age that he would have to make his own way in the world, that no one would be helping him along the way.

His earliest attempts at breaking-and-entering were aimed more at getting back at some of the bullies who had tormented him, with getting some of their money a secondary consideration.  However, he soon realized that this might be a way for him to get ahead; it seemed a lot easier and more profitable than flipping burgers for a living.

He had a pretty good run, but was caught after nicking some diamonds from a jewelry store shortly after his 18th birthday.  While in jail he met up with some of the Scarlet Queen's henchmen who had recently been captured.  When Scarlet Queen and some of her superpowered followers busted the imprisoned henchmen out of jail, Gabe managed to tag along with the other escapees.  At first the Queen was upset that Gabe had presumed to use her to escape jail, but she eventually decided that the young second-story thief might have his uses. 

Although not used to working with others, Gabe's talents served him well as one of the Queen's henchmen, even if his combat skills were mediocre at best.  Eventually, the Scarlet Queen offered Gabe the opportunity to gain superpowers, much as her other favored henchmen had.  Despite the risks, Gabe accepted.

Most of the abilities that Gabe gained were pretty obvious early on.  His ability to climb wall, the small claws that could extend from his finger and toe nails, the ability to generate a knock-out venom from those claws, and his reflexes being enhanced made him even more useful as a break-in guy, and although he still didn't exactly relish getting into a straight-up fight, the Queen often used him to sneak ahead to disable key targets on certain missions.

Less obvious to the Queen and her followers was the quiet confidence and natural charm that now replaced the young man's shyness and lack of social graces.  Anansi, as he is now called (named after an African trickster figure), has no particular loyalty to the Scarlet Queen; while he is grateful for his new abilities, he can see better than most that SQ is a highly unstable person psychologically, and he figures her downfall is more a matter of when than if.  Although he has made no attempt to usurp the Queen's leadership, he has begun to ingratiate himself with the Queen's other superpowered followers.  He figures one of them will take over eventually, and he is positioning himself to be the adviser/power-behind-the-throne to that new leader.

And if things really go bad... well, it wouldn't be the first time Gabe has had to work alone.  It's not like there's anyone else he really trusts.

Campaign Use: Anansi would most likely be encountered by superheroes as an advance agent, either to break into somewhere, or to disable someone key to the operation at hand.  It's also fairly likely that Anansi will eventually become a solo villain, a superhuman thief for hire that might make a good foe for a beginning solo hero. 

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