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V&V Vednesday: Scarlet Queen

(Two weeks ago we were having computer problems. Last week I had no such excuse, I just wasn't able to get a V&V character posted that Wednesday. Hopefully this will get us back on track...)

Character Name: Scarlet Queen     Real Name: Rebecca Brighton     Side: Evil
Gender: Female     Height: 5'9"     Weight: 140 lbs     Age: 91 (appears to be in her early to mid 20's)

Physical Description: A stunningly beautiful redhead with green eyes and a cruel smile. Her costume is a burgundy-red bodysuit, complete with cape.

STR: 30     END: 16      INT: 12     AGL: 13     CHA: 26

Level: 7th     XP: 33,254     Basic Hits: 3     Hit Points: 19      Healing Rate: 1.2/day
Movement: 59” ground, 112" flight     Power: 71      Carrying Capacity: 2,002 lbs
HTH Damage: 1d12     Damage Modifier: +1     Accuracy: +1
Detect Hidden: 10%     Detect Danger: 14%     Inventing: 36%
Inventing Points: 2.4     Reaction Modifier: -5 good/+5 evil     Training: Agility

Heightened Charisma B: +18
Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with telekinesis and bio-control
Heightened Strength B: +21
Mutant Power: Bio-Control (range 32" (Ex2), PR=8 per use, attack as Paralysis Ray, can be used to alter the biological functions of others (or self) - examples include causing paralysis (as per Paralysis Ray), painful nerve spasms (2d8 damage), causing fatigue (as per Devitalization Ray), altering the senses (causing blindness or deafness, increasing Detect scores, etc))
Mutant Power: Power Creation (see below)
Telekinesis: 2,100 lbs capacity, range 91", flight 112")
Willpower (type A)

Power Creation - this allows the character to create superhuman powers in otherwise normal human beings (this is generally a NPC ability, and is usually reserved for supervillains at that). Upon picking a suitable candidate, the process for determining powers is much like that for creating a beginning character: roll 1d6+2 powers (on the non magic/psi power table) plus weakness, drop one power, drop 2nd power if no weakness is chosen. Also, reduce the number of powers by one for each Skill (type A Heightened Attribute, Heightened Attack, Natural Weaponry, etc) the recipient has, and add one power if recipient has a pre-existing Weakness, minimum one power granted. The process is quite painful and dangerous for the recipient, as the process causes 1d20 damage for each power granted, potentially killing the candidate before the powers can be fully assimilated. For the person attempting to create powers in others, PR=25 per attempt, takes 5 minutes + 1d4 turns per power granted, will be Fatigued for 2d6 hours, and is only usable once per week)

Psychosis - This character suffers from both Multiple Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia. Her MPD is represented by her two personalities, the villainous Scarlet Queen, and the kindly, charitable Rebecca Brighton. The Scarlet Queen is the dominant personality these days, but on rare occasions Rebecca can temporarily assert control. If the SC takes any damage from any sort of psychic attack, there is a 1% chance per pt of damage taken that Rebecca will briefly take over (if SC suffers some sort of psychic trauma that isn't represented by damage, allow Rebecca a 8% chance to try to take over, based on her normal CHR). SC can then make a % CHR roll once per turn to try to reassert control.

Her schizophrenia is represented by the fact that she believes her powers are granted to her by Satan, and that he is commanding her to use those powers to commit evil deeds. SC can occasionally be seen talking to herself, responding to a voice only she can hear.

Areas of Knowledge
Inheritor (former), Social Work/Charity, Crime

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Rebecca's father Jack was an explorer and adventurer during the early 20th century. He managed to acquire no small amount of wealth for himself during his African travels; he also at one point came across a fragment of alien technology that had been left behind be a star traveler from previous centuries. Unknown to Jack, his interaction with the strange technological device subtly altered his DNA.

After the Great War, Jack settled down and married a woman named Mary, and soon after they had a daughter, whom they named Rebecca. Although Jack and Mary were happily married for a few years, eventually Jack's wanderlust go the better of him, and when Rebecca was three years old Jack went off on yet another African adventure; this time, his luck ran out, and he died under mysterious circumstances near the Amazon river.

In her grief, Mary turned to religion, and concentrated on raising her daughter as best she could. Finances weren't a problem, thanks to Jack's previous adventures, and Mary was (somewhat unusual for the time) content to remain a single mother. They did later on lose a significant amount of their wealth during the Great Depression, but did not lose as much as some did, and Mary was able to continue raising Rebecca without having to resort to work, albeit in a more financially modest manner.

In her teenage years, Rebecca began to develop the ability to move things with her mind, and to be able to affect other people's bodies, both manifesting through a reddish energy that emanated from her hands. In a time when superpowers were not yet well known, Rebecca believed that these abilities were 'gifts' from Satan (red being the color of the devil, after all). For several years she resisted the temptation to use these abilities, but when her boyfriend Johnathan died in the early days of WWII, and her mother shortly thereafter was killed in an automobile accident, she finally gave in to temptation. Calling herself the Scarlet Queen, she used her abilities to rob banks and commit other crimes, coming into conflict with several stateside crimefighters fo the day. In the final days of the war, she clashed with a psychic detective named Dr. Blackstone. He used his psychic abilities to convince her that Satan had deemed her unworthy of his gifts, and had stripped her of her powers. He then re-asserted the kindly personality of Rebecca, placing psychic blocks to prevent the Scarlet Queen from ever taking control again.

For over six decades Rebecca lived a fairly normal life, dedicating her time to supporting charities and various social causes. Just recently, as she was living her final years in a retirement home, she suffered a massive stroke, causing a great deal of pain and trauma. It was in what would have otherwise been her final moments that the Scarlet Queen personality was able to re-emerge. She de-aged her body (using a combination of Bio-Control and Willpower) to what it was back when Blackstone had de-powered her all those years ago. In the process she also altered her physical form to give herself super-strength.

Given a second chance, the Scarlet Queen plans to make the most of it, engaging in what pleasures suit her whims, and is determined to please her 'master', Satan, so that he never has reason to deem her unworthy in the future. She is wanted for several felonies, but the most dangerous aspect to her resurrected villainy is that she has discovered the ability to alter the DNA of non-powered humans so as to give them super abilities. She usually grants these abilites to those of her henchmen who have pleased her, both in terms of criminal ability, as well 'pleasing' her on a more private and personal level. Law enforcement agencies like CHESS are afraid that she could over time single-handedly significantly increase the supervillain population across the nation.

When facing superheroes, the Scarlet Queen is usually surrounded by various henchmen, both powered and non-powered (the latter usually hoping to impress her enough so as to be granted powers by her). If a fight looks actually be risky to her, she will be fairly strighforward in combat, mainly relying on her telekinetic abilities. However, if she is confident that she has the upper hand, she will often toy with a foe by using her Bio-Control powers.

Campaign Use: On some levels, the Scarlet Queen is a tragic figure; her psychosis means that deep down inside there is a good person who opposes her villainous ways, but has little ability to do anything to stop it. A PC with the right powers might try to re-create Dr. Blackstone's psychic blocks, but that would probably only be a temporary solution.

More importantly, she is a constant source of new supervillains, thanks to her ability to grant powers to others. Most of these former henchmen will usually have around 1-3 Skills (i.e. type A Heightened Attribute, Heightened Attack, Natural Weaponry, etc) already, making it more likely that they were able to impress SC, as well as meaning they would have less powers granted to them, increasing their overall odds of surviving the power-creation process.

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