Wednesday, May 4, 2011

V&V Vednesday: Undertow

(posting the various V&V characters was so much fun, I'll be continuing to do so, albeit at a saner (weekly) pace)

Character NameUndertow      Real Name: Joesph Conner     Side: Evil
Gender: Male     Height: 5'9"     Weight: 180 lbs     Age: 17
Physical Description: A young Caucasian male with pale skin, gills on his neck, and webbed fingers and toes. He has black hair and brown eyes, and generally just wears swim trunks. 

STR: 11/27     END: 12/29    INT: 9     AGL: 8/16    CHA: 10

Level: 2nd     XP: 3,856     Basic Hits: 4     Hit Points: 4/48     Healing Rate: -/3.2/day
Movement: 31"/132”      Power: 40/81    Carrying Capacity: 228 lbs/2,033 lbs     
HTH Damage: 1d4/1d12 Damage Modifier: -/+1    Accuracy: -2/+2   
Detect Hidden: 8%/24%     Detect Danger: 12%/36%    Inventing: 27%      
Inventing Points: 1.8     Reaction Modifier: -     Training: Agility  

(splits numbers indicate score while out of water, and then in water)

Heightened Endurance B: +17 (in water only)
Heightened Senses: Detect scores are x3 underwater
Heightened Strength B: +16 (in water only)
Speed Bonus: +60” underwater
Telekinesis: 220 lbs capacity out of water, 540 lbs in water, limited to manipulating and moving water
Water Breathing (type B) – Heightened Strength and Endurance only activate while in water, Reduced Agility activates out of water

Reduced Agility: -8 (out of water only)

Areas of Knowledge
The Ocean

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: During his early childhood, Joesph Conner was a normal boy, not that much different than most. It was in his early teenage years that his mutant abilities began to manifest. Showing signs of massive dehydration, Joe almost died until he was submersed in water. His body continued to mutate, and eventually the gills and webbed digits made it fairly clear is body was adapting itself to aquatic life. Beyond the basic changes in his body, Joe learned that he could also telekinetically manipulate nearby water to do his bidding.

Unfortunately, the extended research and study of Joe's condition was quite costly, something that his parents eventually wasn't able to afford. In desperation, Joe attempted to get the needed money by robbing a nearby ocean cruise liner. Joe's inexperience in such criminal matters meant that he was quickly identified.

Now wanted by the law, Undertow, as he now calls himself, continues to commit various marinetime thefts, even though the need for money is now pretty much moot. In part, he likes having nice things for himself in his underwater abode, even those things that no longer work for him (you try hooking up an Xbox underwater). Partially, he steals things out of spite; if he can't have nice things, why should anyone else?

Campaign Use: Undertow is a villain that presents an environmental challenge; defeating him out of the water is fairly easy, but it's not like he's going to make things that easy for any PCs. More than likely, they must confront him underwater. While still somewhat inexperienced, he knows enough to use the underwater environment, combined with his 'hydrokinetic' abilities to his best advantage.

If the PCs need a reason to confront Undertow, one of his thefts may have him acquiring something of great importance to the heroes, such as a much-needed vaccine to help cure an ailing ally or friend.

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