Monday, May 9, 2011

Trollslayers - Death, Unconsciousness, and Recovery

Once a character is reduced to zero Health or below, they must make an END check to stay conscious (8+ if the injuries were caused by cutting or piercing weapons, 10+ if from blunt weapons).  If they manage to stay conscious, they act as if stunned (-1 DEF penalty, -3 to hit, and a -1 to their Initiative rolls) until their Health score becomes a positive number again.  If they manage to remain conscious, and further injuries suffered will require another such END check to avoid succumbing to unconsciousness.

Also, once their Health score becomes a negative number, an END check (10+, or 12+ if caused by a serious wound) must be made to continue avoid losing Health (1 pt per 10 minutes) if the negative Health state was caused by cutting or piercing weapons (unless indicated by the results of a serious wound, blunt weapons generally don't cause continued bleeding at this point).  If the roll is failed, then the characters gets to make another roll every 10 minutes; if they succeed, the Health loss is stopped, and if they fail the character continues to lose another Health point.

If a character's Health is reduced to a negative number equal to their END score, they are dead.

Unconscious characters can make a roll once an hour to regain consciousness (8+, or 10+ if they are losing Health points due to continued bleeding).

Characters at rest and partaking in minimum activity heal a number of Health points per day equal to END/10.  Health points being healed from a negative score are recovered at END/20 per day.  If the character suffered an impairment from a serious wound, the overall healing rate is halved until their Health score equals their END, at which point the impairment (impalement, broken limb) is healed.  Also, if the character does not rest and stays active, the healing rate is again halved.

If a healing character has the benefit of being tended to by a skilled healer (i.e. someone with some sort of medical/healing skill), the healer's skill level, plus their KNO attribute modifier, is added to the character's END score for determining their healing rate.

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