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Trollslayers - Attributes (part 3), Money, and Equipment

Attribute modifiers in Trollslayers follow a very simple progression:

Attribute          Modifier
1-4                  -2
5-8                  -1
9-12                --
13-16              +1
17-20              +2
21-24              +3
25-28              +4
29-32              +5

And so forth.  Those modifiers may not look like much, but remember a +1 mod represents a fairly significant alteration of probabilities on a 2d roll.

(I originally had a more complex system in mind for attribute modifiers for task rolls - it involved comparing the attribute to the Difficulty Number, and the modifier would be based on the multiple or divisor of the DN.  This would allow for there to be no set 'break points' for mods, which I like, but the overall idea would probably be too cumbersome for the GM to use on the fly.)

Also, I've since rewritten the rules for the Movement attribute - I didn't like the wide spread possible under the earlier rules.  Revised rules are as follows:

Start out with a base score for a given race.  (For humans, this would be 10.  For elves, it's 12, 8 for dwarves, etc.).  Then add 1d.  Add +1 if the character has an above-average (13+) STR, and another +1 if they have an above-average DEX.  Likewise, subtract -1 from the score if the STR is below-average (8-), and another -1 if their DEX is below average.

The total is their base MOVE score.  Among other things, a character can sprint (10 x MOVE) feet per 6-second combat turn.  If the character has a Running talent, that can be added to the MOVE score for figuring sprinting and marathon-style running; if they have a Hiking talent, that can be added to the MOVE score to determine long-distance daily movement.

Money and Equipment  

The base of currency in Trollslayers is the Silver Piece.  5 Copper Pieces = 1 SP, and 20 SP = 1 Gold Piece.

To determine starting money, roll 2d (PC's get to roll 3 dice, and take the two most desirable).  Doubles add a bonus die.  This number is multiplied by the character's PRE score to determine their starting money in SP (the assumption being that more likable characters have perhaps received some stuff as gifts, were able to haggle down the prices for items bought, etc.)

Below is a basic equipment list, with costs, ENC values, and various notes.  Weapons, armor, riding animals and riding gear will be dealt with on later posts.

Arrow (1 cp) - 1 to 2 dozen arrows = 1 ENC
Backpack (2 sp, 1 ENC) - holds 4 ENC
Bedroll (2 sp, 1 ENC)
Bedroll, winter (5 sp, 2 ENC)
Belt pouch (3 cp)
Bolt, crossbow (1 cp) 4 bolts = 1 ENC
Chalk (1 sp)
Clothing, winter (4 sp, 1 ENC)
Cooking gear (10 sp, 3 ENC)
Drum (4 sp, 1 ENC)
First aid kit (10 sp, 1 ENC)
Fishhook & line (2 sp)
Flute (4 sp, 1 ENC)
Food, preserved (2 sp, 1 ENC) – feeds 1 person for 3 days, lasts 2-4 weeks
Food, unprepared (4 cp, 1 ENC) – feeds 1 person for 2 days, will start spoiling within a few days
Garlic, bud (1 cp)
Grappling hook (2 sp , 1 ENC)
Hammer, small (4 cp, 1 ENC)
Harp (2 gp, 1 ENC)
Holy symbol (7 sp)
Holy water, flask (2 sp, 1 ENC)
Horn (10 sp, 1 ENC)
Iron spike, 10 (1 sp, 1 ENC)
Lamp oil (1 cp, 1 ENC) – burns for about 2 hours
Lantern (2 sp, 1 ENC)
Lodging, common room, 1 night (1 cp)
Lodging, private room (1 sp)
Lodging, private room with bath (2 sp)
Meal, common (1 cp)
Mirror, small (10 sp, 1 ENC)
Papyrus, 10 sheets (1 sp, 1 ENC)
Quiver (3 sp, 1 ENC) – holds 2 dozen arrows or bolts
Rope (4 cp, 1 ENC) – 50' long, supports two average people, one large man, or one heavily encumbered person
Rope, heavy (4 sp, 2 ENC) – also 50' long, supports about a ½ ton
Sack (3 sp, 1 ENC) – holds 10 ENC
Scabbard (4sp)
Scribe's tools (5 sp, 1 ENC)
Scroll case (2 sp , 1 ENC) – negates ENC of any papyrus, maps, etc. carried within
Sheath, dagger (3 cp)
Shovel (3 cp, 2 ENC)
Signal whistle (3 cp)
Stringed instrument (15 sp, 2 ENC)
Tent, personal (5 sp, 1 ENC) – for one person
Tent, standard (15 sp, 6 ENC) – for 3-4 people
Tent, pavilion (2 gs, 20 ENC) – for about a 1½ to 2 dozen people
Thieves' tools (7 sp, 1 ENC)
Torch (1 cp) – burns for an hour, 5 torches = 1 ENC
Travel basics (1 sp, 1 ENC) – utensils, wooden cup, flint & tinder, hand rag
Whetstone (3 cp)
Wineskin (1 sp) – 2 ENC if full
Wolvesbane, sprig (2 sp)
Once gameplay starts, the GM should consider giving a discount for relatively expensive items (say, 10 sp or more) to character with a high PRE and/or some sort of Haggling talent.  A 5% discount for each +1 PRE mod or Haggling talent is probably workable.  If the character has a low PRE, or is just overly obnoxious, they might wind up paying a bit more for their equipment. 

Of course, someone will eventually something not listed above.  It's a fundamental law of nature: fish gonna swim, birds gonna fly, players gonna want crap that's not on the equipment list.  Hopefully, there's enough different items listed to give you enough frame of reference to make a decent guess how much a certain item would cost, given the relative scale of economy.

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