Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trollslayers - Shields & Armor

Shield                  STR      DEX      DV      DEF      ENC    Cost    

Buckler                    5           8          2        +1          1         2       
Shield, small             9           9          3        +2          2         4
Shield, medium        12         10          4        +3          3         8         
Shield, large            14          11         5        +4          4        12

Shileds are used one-handed, and if used as weapons (aka a 'shield bash'), the attack type is Blunt.  If charging an enemy while attempting a shield bash, 2/3 of the attacker's current MOVE score can be added to the user's STR for determining damage, up to double the user's current STR.  

Unlike melee weapons, the DEF bonus is also figured against missile attacks.  

Bucklers can be worn strapped to the arm, allowing the user to handle a weapon in that hand, but if this is done the DEF bonus does not apply. 

If being attacked by something that has a wide area affect (dragon's breath, a rain of rocks from above, etc), the GM may opt to allow adding the DEF bonus to the AR of any armor worn (in such an instance, a med shield worn with chain armor would provide a total AR of 8, for example).    

Armor                  STR      DEX       AR        DEF      ENC    Cost      

Cloth                       3             -       1 (C)          -          1            1
Leather                    5           -1       2 (C,B)     +1          2            5
Brigadine                 7           -2       3 (C.B)     +2           3          20
Banded                    9           -3      4 (C,B)      +2           4          40
Chain                      12          -4      5 (C)         +2          6          65
Plate                       16          -5      6 (C,B,P)   +3         10        200

The DEX number listed is not a minimum, but rather the penalty to the user's DEX score for wearing the armor (similar to the DEX penalty for being Encumbered).  This penalty is decreased by one for Warriors and Paragons, and increased by one for Magicians and Commoners who lack combat training.  A talent in Armor can be taken, negating one point of the penalty for each level of said talent.  

The AR is the Armor Rating, showing how much damage the armor absorbs, and the attack types the armor is best against.  If being attacked by an attack type that the armor is not designed to handle, the AR number is halved (round down).  If it is not clear whether or not the armor should provide full protection against an unusual attack, assume full AR for the armor.  

The DEF number represents the armor's ability to deflect (instead of absorb) incoming attacks; if being attacked by an attack type the armor is not designed to defend against, the DEF bonus is halved (round down).

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