Wednesday, June 22, 2011

V&V Vednesday: Amazon

Character Name: Amazon     Real Name: Nicole 'Nicky' Woodburn     Side: Evil
Gender: Female     Height: 6'1"     Weight: 190 lbs     Age: 23

Physical Description: A tall, athletically-built woman with an olive complexion, raven-black hair, and brown eyes. Her costume is a orange bodysuit with red boots, belt, gloves, and mask.

STR: 40     END: 34      INT: 9     AGL: 16     CHA: 13

Level: 4th     XP: 10,318     Basic Hits: 4     Hit Points: 81      Healing Rate: 4.0/day
Movement: 90”      Power: 99      Carrying Capacity: 6,403 lbs     HTH Damage: 2d8
Damage Modifier: +1     Accuracy: +2    Detect Hidden: 8%     Detect Danger: 12%
Inventing: 27%     Inventing Points: 3.6     Reaction Modifier: -1 good/+1 evil
Training: Agility

Heightened Defense: -4 to be hit in combat
Heightened Strength B: +25
Heightened Expertise B: +19
Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with melee attacks
Invulnerability: 16 pt
Natural Weaponry (martial arts): +2 to hit, +4 to damage in unarmed combat

Drug addiction

Areas of Knowledge
Sports, Crime

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: For as far back as she could remember, Nicky had pretty much always been taller and stronger than other kids her age. Growing up in a poor part of the city, with a deadbeat dad and a mother who turned tricks for a living, it wasn't much of a surprise when she began bullying the other kids at school, either for money or simply for the sake of power. Later on when she entered her teens, she began running with one of the local street gangs. It was during this time that she first fell prey to drug addiction, specifically to crack cocaine. At age sixteen sent was to juvie for armed robbery. During the two years that she was locked up she managed to clean herself up and kick her drug habit.

Released on her eighteenth birthday, Nicky made an legitimate effort to go straight. She decided to channel her natural tendency toward violence into something useful, and began competing in female mixed-martial arts competitions, where she picked up the nickname 'Amazon'. For a while she did well for herself, but her success became her undoing. As she acquired more money and fame, she eventually slipped back into drug addiction, this time primarily for heroin. Eventually, this got her kicked out of the MMA organization she had been fighting for.

Nicky found it surprisingly to slip back into her old criminal habits. She began working for various criminal outfits as muscle, and eventually found herself working for the supervillain known as the Scarlet Queen. The tall, striking Nicky quickly found favor with the villainess, and after a brief fling between the two, the Scarlet Queen agreed to grant Nicky a shot at superpowers.

Nicky hasn't had her superpowers long, but she has a fair amount of practical experience as a fighter, and her augmented strength and toughness just make her even more dangerous. She works well as part of a team, for the most part, but her drug use hasn't gone unnoticed by her companions. It has yet to seriously jeopardize any of their operations, but her fellow villains are keeping a close eye on her in case that changes.

Campaign Use: Every supervillain group needs a brick, and Amazon fits that role perfectly. She might also make a suitable solo threat for a small group of neophyte heroes.

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