Wednesday, June 1, 2011

V&V Vendesday: Shockwave

Character Name: Shockwave     Real Name: Miguel Freeman     Side: Evil
Gender: Male     Height: 6'1"     Weight: 210 lbs     Age: 26

Physical Description: A stocky, broad-shouldered man of mixed Hispanic-Caucasian descent. He has brown eyes, and short, curly black hair. His costume is a rather gaudy mix of yellow circular patterns emanating out from his chest over a green background.

STR: 12     END: 30      INT: 13     AGL: 12     CHA: 15

Level: 3rd     XP: 33,254     Basic Hits: 5     Hit Points: 33      Healing Rate: 4.5/day
Movement: 55”      Power: 67      Carrying Capacity: 496 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d8
Damage Modifier: +1     Accuracy: +1    Detect Hidden: 10%     Detect Danger: 14%
Inventing: 39%     Inventing Points: 0.9     Reaction Modifier: -2 good/+2 evil
Training: Gain Weight (from End)

Absorption: Damage (physical attacks, or energy attacks with a physical/kinetic aspect to them only)
Heightened Endurance B: +17
Heightened Senses: Motion Awareness (highly sensitive to and aware of any nearby motions, effectively functioning as a form or radar sense, range 13”)
Natural Weaponry (martial arts): +1 to hit, +2 damage
Vibratory Powers (range 24”, 2d8 damage, PR=5, 24% destroy device on special attack, PR=2 to use as a defense)

Areas of Knowledge
Communications (postal), Crime

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Miguel didn't seem to be the type to become a supervillain. He was a likable sort who had a decent job as a mailman. He would occasionally go bowling with his buddies, and have a brew every now and then, but overall kept to himself.

It all went downhill when he took a Social Security check for himself that was part of his regular mail delivery; Mr. Harris had just passed away, and that check wasn't going to do him any good at this point, so Miguel decided it wouldn't hurt if he could somehow cash it himself. A friend of a friend knew how to do such things, and Miguel had a little extra spending money that weekend.

Soon, Miguel began occasionally taking checks and various other items that were intended for the various people on his mail route. He was careful not to take anything that would be missed overly much, or could be traced back to him too easily. For a while he got away with it, but eventually he got busted. Event though most of the stuff he took wasn't that valuable in and of itself, stealing from the Postal System was a federal crime, and that meant a short stint in the federal pen.

Although his size managed to deter casual violence, Miguel quickly learned to defend himself from those who saw the big man just as another challenge. His stay in prison wasn't that long, but it certainly hardened the former mailman, who up to this point had seen himself as a not-bad person who was just getting a little extra here and there.

Upon getting out of jail, it was clear he couldn't get his old job back. A friend mentioned to him that there was a new supervillain in the area called the Scarlet Queen was looking for some henchmen to help her with her various crimes. More than anything, Miguel had wanted to get a new job somewhere and forget his time in prison, but his prospects didn't look good, so he eventually did wind up working for the Scarlet Queen.

The first few gigs went pretty well, and Miguel had managed to impress his new boss by keeping his cool and not screwing up. One night between jobs, the Scarlet Queen took a more personal interest in Miguel; for his part, having sex with the super-hot villain wasn't something he was going to shy away from, even if she was obviously kinda crazy. This went on for a few days, when she told Miguel that she believed that she could create superpowers in otherwise normal people. There was risk, of course, but the rewards were potentially great. Would he take the risk?

He did. There was pain, of course; the process hurt more than anything he had ever encountered before, but in the end Miguel had joined the ranks of the superhumans. After a few days of trying out his new abilities, he took on the name Shockwave, and began assisting the Scarlet Queen on more ambitious crimes.

In time, she turned her attentions to other criminal followers in her ranks, looking for both those who would satisfy her desires as well as prove suitable candidates to receive superpowers, making her group even more powerful. Miguel didn't mind her turning her attentions to the others; while they made an effective force to be reckoned with, he knew that her insanity would eventually trip her up, and he would just as well not be around to be caught when that happens. For the moment, he's still working for the Scarlet Queen, but is trying to work out a way that he can exit her group of followers (with his proper share of their ill-gotten loot, of course) without angering her or anyone else; the last thing he wants is for a group of supervillains led by a crazy supervillain to have a reason to go hunting him.

Personality-wise, Shockwave would prefer to pull off whatever crime he's attempting with a minimum of fuss. Although he won't shy away from a fight if necessarily, he won't engage in one for its own sake – violence is a means to an end, not an end in and of itself. He lacks the true 'killer edge' that some other superillains have, but on the other hand his lack of an inflated ego means he will wisely flee from an unwinnable fight instead of duking it out until the end.

Campaign Use: Shockwave can either be used as a part of the Scarlet Queen's supergroup, or he can break away and try his hand as a solo villain. His ability to phase through solid objects (via his Vibratory power) makes him an excellent thief, and his other powers can give most superheroes enough of a fight that he can usually escape before being captured.

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