Wednesday, June 15, 2011

V&V Vednesday: Vulcan

Character Name: Vulcan     Real Name: Jason Petras     Side: Evil
Gender: Male     Height: 5'11"     Weight: 180 lbs     Age: 24

Physical Description: A man of average height and build with black hair, brown eyes, and a dark complexion. His costume consists of a dark blue bodysuit (including mask) with black boots, gloves, and belt.

STR: 12     END: 14      INT: 13     AGL: 22     CHA: 14

Level: 2nd     XP: 4,327     Basic Hits: 4     Hit Points: 17      Healing Rate: 1.2/day
Movement: 48”      Power: 61      Carrying Capacity: 282 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d6
Damage Modifier: +2     Accuracy: +4    Detect Hidden: 10%     Detect Danger: 14%
Inventing: 39%     Inventing Points: 2.6     Reaction Modifier: -1 good/+1 evil
Training: Endurance

Heightened Agility A: +11
Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with all weapons
Mutant Power: Weapon & Armor Creation (see below)

Weapon & Armor Creation - Vulcan can create weapons and armor from nothing: PR = 2, maximum weight = 14 lbs (based on END), lasts up to 13 hours (based on INT). Any firearm he creates will have a full clip of ammo (of whatever type he chooses), and if there is leftover mass, he will usually create a spare clip or two along with the firearm. He can also create weapon accessories such as rifle scopes. He must have studied the weapon or armor in the past to be able to create a duplicate of it. Primitive weapons and armor (middle ages or earlier) require five minutes of study, and his success chance of creating such a weapon is equal to x3 his normal Inventing chance (a roll of 00 still fails). More complex weapons of modern design (up to modern day technology, including most firearms) require 15 minutes study and has a success chance of x2 his Inventing score. Any high-tech or futuristic weaponry or protection devices (i.e. laser weapons, any device that duplicates a super-power) requires an hour's study, and his success chance of duplicating it is equal to his Inventing score. If he does not succeed on his roll to know how to duplicate a weapon or protection device, he can keep re-rolling as long as he still has the item to study. Note that this does not require the expenditure of Inventing Points. At this point in his career, he can duplicate most of the basic weapons is section 3.3 of the rulebook (including laser weaponry), although he (thankfully) has not yet had a chance to study a nuclear device (and probably couldn't duplicate one due to limitations of mass).

Areas of Knowledge
Military, Communications (radio), Crime

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Even as a kid, Derek was dangerous when he had something in his hands to use as a weapon. He just had an instinctive knack for how to hurt people. Upon graduating from high school, he signed up for the Army. He tried to become a sniper, but was rejected for psychological reasons, and was instead assigned to a communications unit. Disappointed, he continued to practice with various firearms and other weapons in his spare time. To his surprise, he did come to enjoy working with communications, and to this day enjoys ham radio as a hobby.

After leaving the military. He eventually drifted into a life of crime. After working with several other small criminal organizations, he wound up working for the Scarlet Queen as a henchman. His talents made him very useful to her, and after he wound up pleasing her in other ways as well, she offered to make him a superhuman. He agreed.

At first, it appeared that the Queen's attempt failed; no obvious superpowers appeared, despite much testing and prompting. It wasn't until a surprise raid by CHESS that, wishing he had a weapon handy, an assault rifle suddenly appeared in his hands out of nowhere. He was able to defeat the agents facing him, and was able to give the Scarlet Queen and his other fellow henchmen enough warning to fight back and hold off the CHESS agents until they were able to retreat to another hiding spot.

After practicing a bit and learning how to use his new abilities, he chose the name Vulcan (after the Roman god of weaponsmithing), and proved even more useful to the Scarlet Queen. He is somewhat jealous that she has turned her attention to others, but for the moment he his loyal to her. However, he has contemplated going solo, working as an assassin-for-hire.

Campaign Use: Vulcan works well as a support member and sniper for a supervillain group. He could also be a solo threat for low-level supers; keeping him in jail may prove difficult, as ballistics evidence would disappear long before he could come to trial.

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