Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trollslayers - Aspects

As mentioned here, all spells in Trollslayers are defined by Eight aspects, with a few examples:

Energy - fireballs and lightning bolts, of course, but also includes healing energy, sonics, hologram style illusions, and many other applications

Gaseous - air-based spells, of course, and many weather effects involve this, but also gases of more harmful natures as well

Liquid - anything to do with oceans, rivers, etc, as well as any other liquid state - not the first choice for many, but essential for potion-making

Matter - from moving the earth beneath you to affecting the human body, a popular choice for young spellcasters, as it has many applications, and is one of the easier Aspects to visualize

Mind - the use of skills, charm spells, illusions (mental as opposed to visual), telepathy

Spirit - the transference and binding of Essence to or from another, curses, communicating with and binding spirits/ghosts - required for the creation of any magic items

Distance - any ranged spells, clairvoyance and clairaudience, any sort of travel, including teleportation

Time - anything with a duration beyond 'instantaneous', precognition and postcognition, time travel

A few examples - a Flight spell would have Aspects of Gaseous and Movement; a Sleep spell would have Distance and either Gaseous (creating a knock-out gas), Energy (draining the target's natural vitality) or Matter (triggering the body's fatigue receptors); a Light spell that lasts for several minutes would be defined by Energy and Time; Pollute Waters would be Liquid (assuming you did so by touch, otherwise throw in Distance as well); Create Zombie would be Matter and Spirit; Summon Demon would be Matter and Distance; Weather Control would include Energy, Gaseous, Liquid and Distance; Shocking Touch would only require Energy, while a Lightning Bolt would require both Energy and Distance.

Magicians start out with KNO/3 bonus Talent points that can only apply to Aspects.  Paragons get KNO/4.

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