Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year Two

Another year, time to reassess where the blog is going (or not going, at the case may be).

When I started Alien Shores last year, I had three stated goals for the blog.  One was to get back into gaming on a regular basis, the second was to have a rough version of Trollslayers ready by year's end, and the third was to average at least three posts a week.  The first one was a bust (not counting playing a couple of one-shots at DragonCon), and the second one is a long way from being completed (still need to buckle down at start working on the magic system).  I did succeed on the third one - not even counting fluff posts (like Music Monday and Photodump Friday), I averaged over 3 1/2 posts a week, although those numbers did dip downward near the end of the year.

Besides still looking toward finding a gaming group, and finishing Trollslayers in at least a rough format by the end of 2012, a few secondary goals are also now on the table: get back into occasionally posting some more V&V characters, as well as posting some more reviews of Rush albums.  Also, while I'm not going to attempt trying to post any more comic book reviews on anything remotely resembling a weekly basis, I will try to sneak one in occasionally here and there.  Finally, I'd like to at least double the site's overall traffic I had last year (shouldn't be too difficult - nowhere to go but up, after all).

Finally, just so that this post isn't just a boring list of resolutions, I present you with what just may be the finest piece of television dialogue of all time:

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