Wednesday, January 25, 2012

V&V Vednesday: Loki

Character Name: Loki     Real Name: Darren Bradley   Side: Neutral
Gender: Male     Height: 5'9”     Weight: 170 lbs     Age: 27

Physical Description: A slender, almost wiry man in his late 20's with black hair and blue eyes. His costume is a black bodysuit with red boots, belt, gloves, and trim.

STR: 25     END: 27      INT: 18     AGL: 14     CHA: 19

Level: 2nd     XP: 2,875     Basic Hits: 4     Hit Points: 46      Healing Rate: 3.2/day
Movement: 66”      Power: 84      Carrying Capacity: 1,558 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d10
Damage Modifier: +2     Accuracy: +1    Detect Hidden: 14%     Detect Danger: 18%
Inventing: 54%     Inventing Points: 3.6     Reaction Modifier: -3     Training: Agility

Heightened Defense: -4 to be hit from all attacks
Heightened Endurance B: +15
Heightened Mental Prowess (acts similar to Heightened Intelligence A and Heightened Charisma A, bonus may be split between those two attributes as desired): +5 INT, +6 CHR
Heightened Strength B: +16
Invulnerability: 13pt
Illusions A (all senses, PR=5)
Transformation C (disguise)


Areas of Knowledge
Crime, Gambling, Psychology

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Darren Bradley was a grifter, and a good one. He could have been a psychologist, and at one point had actually studied to do just that, but he was thrown out of college after getting caught cheating on his exams. After that he made his way wandering from town to town, surviving by means of various con jobs and other shady enterprises. Sometimes he would make a big score, only to lose it shortly thereafter gambling, but then again occasionally he would take some paltry sum and transform it into enough wealth via a game of chance that he could fund his next con job, so as far as Darren was concerned it all evened out.

Less than a year ago Darren got word that his younger sister Joyce was dead. He hadn't been in contact with his family much after college, but he still was quite fond of his little sister. She had married a Pakistanian transfer student, and they were both killed as part of a Norsefire hate crime.

Upon finding this out, Darren suddenly acquired a new goal in life: destroy Norsefire. Using some of his ill-gotten gains and a few of his criminal connections, he created a new identity for himself, Andrew Holt. It was as Holt that he joined and infiltrated Norsefire, seeking to work his way up the hierarchy so as to better destroy the group from within. At one point he tipped off a local superhero group as to Odin's location, then made it appear as if he had overcome great personal risk to warn Odin in time that they could escape. The plan worked better than Bradley had anticipated: not only did Odin believe that 'Holt' had helped save him from capture, but the leader of Norsefire was so impressed that he offered the young man a chance to acquire superpowers so that he could further support Norsefire's goals. Inwardly, Darren Bradley smiled. The power to bring down Norsefire was being unknowingly offered by its own leader! There was risk, of course, but Bradley had never been afraid of staking everything on a big gamble.

Darren survived the transformation process, becoming one of Odin's New Asgardians, and with his new-found ability to create illusions, 'Andrew Holt' was re-named Loki by Odin. As Loki, Bradley has been overtly aiding Norsefire on its missions, while secretly minimizing the actual damage that the group does. Because of the role he has been granted, he is not fully trusted by the other members of Norsefire, even though Odin himself seems to trust him (“every court needs it jester”, the old man says). Bradley has not revealed his ability to shapeshift to the other members of Norsefire (explaining any change in appearance as just another aspect of his ability with illusions), and occasionally change his appearance to that of other members of the group in order to sow discord within the organization. He has covertly contacted both agents of C.H.E.S.S. and a couple of superhero groups with information regarding Norsefire and their strengths and weaknesses, but he is not entirely trusted by those groups either. He continues to plan and scheme; it isn't enough for Bradley to see Norsefire get merely defeated or weakened, but rather he's setting things in motion so that Norsefire is completely and utterly destroyed as an organization, and all of its members either killed or imprisoned, with no one free left to rescue them.

Mistrusted by both the group has infiltrated and those he would use to bring that group low, in the end Loki has no true allies to call upon. However, he is not discouraged – he's used to having to rely only on himself, and as far as he's concerned, this is just a really, really big con, with everything possibly coming down to a single roll of the dice. Truthfully, he wouldn't have it any other way.

Campaign Use: At some point Loki may approach the PC heroes with information regarding Norsefire. This should come after the heroes have already encountered the organization, including Loki, so that they are more likely to be leery of him and what he has to say. Loki will try to arrange it so that any actions by the PC's against Norsefire are coordinated with other superhero teams and agents of C.H.E.S.S. doing likewise, so as completely and utterly decimate the hate-group that took his little sister away from him.

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