Wednesday, January 4, 2012

V&V Vednesday: Thor

Character Name: Thor     Real Name: David Hawthorne    Side: Evil
Gender: Male     Height: 6'4"     Weight: 240 lbs     Age: 24

Physical Description: A tall, muscular man with blue eyes and red hair (dyed, originally brown).  He has a beard, which is also dyed red.  He wears black leather pants and a leather vest, the latter studded with gold.  He carries an oversized ball-peen hammer with him at pretty much all times.

STR: 33     END: 29      INT: 8     AGL: 14     CHA: 14

Level: 3rd     XP: 8,292     Basic Hits: 5     Hit Points: 52      Healing Rate: 5.0/day
Movement: 76”      Power: 84      Carrying Capacity: 4,660 lbs     HTH Damage: 2d8
Damage Modifier: +1     Accuracy: +1    Detect Hidden: 6%     Detect Danger: 11%
Inventing: 24%     Inventing Points: 2.4     Reaction Modifier: -1 good/+1 evil
Training: Heightened Expertise with hammer

Heightened Endurance A: +15
Heightened Expertise: +1 to hit with hammer, melee attacks (from training)
Heightened Strength A: +18
Invulnerability: 17pt
Lightning Control (range 58", 2d8 damage, PR=4, 58% chance to short out electrical items)
Weather Control

Power Limitation - Lightning Control needs to be directed through a metal object (such as the hammer he carries, but he could also transfer electrical energy along other metal items, such as a metal floor or wall).  Also, while he can use this power to attempt to short out electrical items, he cannot use it to try to control electrical items.
Psychosis - Bigotry:  hates all non-Caucasians, and may have to make an INT roll if taunted or attacked by a minority (a d20 roll if taunted, a d100 roll if he takes damage) to avoid attacking that person directly.  He also suffers a -4 reaction roll penalty from most people who do not share his views. 

Hammer (+3 to hit, +1d6 damage)

Areas of Knowledge
Crime, Music, Hate Groups

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: David was a none-too-bright skinhead who played bass guitar in a hate-punk band called the Steel Boots. Having already drifted in and out of various white power organizations, David had already been arrested twice for assault by the time he joined up with Norsefire.  He took an immediate liking to Odin, respecting him and his leadership the way he did few others.  Odin, for his part, was able to instill a smidgen of discipline and tactical awareness into the angry youth, which only made him even more dangerous.

Odin eventually decided that David was worthy of receiving the powers he could grant.  Despite the dangers involved, David readily accepted the chance to acquire power for himself, so that he could do more for the cause.  Surviving the process, his new-found electrical and weather-based abilities made him a natural choice for the role of Thor in Odin's New Asgardians.  Growing his hair and his beard out, and dying them red to better fit the role he has been granted, David is now even more devoted to Odin and his agenda.  He carries an oversized ball-peen hammer, which he uses as his primary weapon.  If an opponent is stunned or otherwise unlikely to be able to avoid being hit, Thor will 'power up' the hammer, using his Lightning Control as a Carrier Attack, in an attempt to finish off his opponent.

Unlike the others granted abilities by Odin, Thor genuinely believes that he is the reincarnation/avatar of the Norse thunder god.  He no longer thinks of himself as David Hawthorne - that was another life, an empty, hollow shell that was merely a precursor to his true destiny.

Campaign Use: An overpowered hothead who isn't terribly bright, Thor isn't above striking at perceived foes on his own, if his emotions and temper can overcome what little common sense and restraint that Odin has tried to teach him.  If the PC heroes can defeat and capture Thor, then they must contend with the inevitable break-out/rescue attempt from Odin and other Norsefire agents.

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