Wednesday, January 11, 2012

V&V Vednesday: Sif

Character Name: Sif     Real Name: Amanda Strucker    Side: Evil
Gender: Female     Height: 5'10"     Weight: 160 lbs     Age: 22

Physical Description: A strikingly beautiful, athletically built female with blond hair and blue eyes.  Her costume is a white bodysuit, with silver-colored trim, belt and boots.  She carries a sword and scabbard, as well as a bandolier with a half-dozen throwing daggers.  On her belt she has various pouches that contain basic first aid equipment.

STR: 24     END: 28      INT: 12     AGL: 15     CHA: 16

Level: 3rd     XP: 5,364     Basic Hits: 4     Hit Points: 48      Healing Rate: 3.2/day
Movement: 67”      Power: 79      Carrying Capacity: 1,330 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d10
Damage Modifier: +1     Accuracy: +2    Detect Hidden: 10%     Detect Danger: 14%
Inventing: 36%     Inventing Points: 3.6     Reaction Modifier: -2 good/+2 evil
Training: Heightened Expertise with sword

Heightened Endurance A: +15
Heightened Expertise: +1 to hit with sword, melee attacks (from training)
Heightened Strength A: +13
Invulnerability: 17pt
Mutant Power: Blade Sharpness - add extra die of same type when using edged weapons (i.e. daggers would add +2d2 instead of +1d2 to damage, and a sword +2d6 instead of +1d6 to damage), max bonus +1d6, PR=3 per turn.  Also, any damage inflicted is treated as double when being countered by Invulnerability or Armor (example - a dagger strike for 8 points of damage would require either 16 points of Invulnerability or Armor to stop it).  Any damage that gets past the Invulnerability or Armor does damage normally (example - if someone only had 12 points of Invulnerability, 6 points of the above dagger damage would be stopped, and the last 2 points of damage would get through).

Psychosis - Bigotry:  hates all non-Caucasians, and may have to make an INT roll if taunted or attacked by a minority (a d20 roll if taunted, a d100 roll if he takes damage) to avoid attacking that person directly.  He also suffers a -4 reaction roll penalty from most people who do not share his views. 

Sword (+2 to hit, +1d6 damage)
Daggers (+1 to hit, +1d2 damage, +2 to hit if thrown, range = 15")
First aid kit 

Areas of Knowledge
Medical, Military, Hate Groups

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: As a child Amanda was always a bit conflicted in her personality.  She always had a bit of a temper, and was never one to shy away from a fight, but at the same time she had a natural talent for helping others, and for acting as something of a caregiver.  This would lead her, after graduating from high school, to join the Army, with the intent of becoming a nurse.

She didn't have a problem with her studies, quickly becoming an excellent field medic.  However, the prejudices she inherited from growing up in a small rural area didn't get any better upon having to deal with fellow soldiers of different faiths and ethnicities.  After multiple racially-charged fights with her fellow soldiers, she was eventually booted out with a Dishonorable Discharge.  She went back to her hometown, and worked for a bit at the local hospital as a nurse, until she eventually joined up with Norsefire.

Odin would have preferred not to have females among the active Norsefire combat personnel, but people with actual military training of any sort were in short supply, and Amanda's medical training made her doubly valuable.  After she had proven her worth, Odin offered to grant her the chance at acquiring super-powers, if she would accept the risk.  She did, and soon joined the front line of the New Asgardians as Sif, the warrior goddess.

Sif looks up to Tyr with admiration (her own father had been a police officer before he died).  Thor had decided that Sif would naturally be his wife, and while she has held off on any idea of actually getting married, because the big lug amuses her they have very publicly become a couple.  However, because she has set her sights somewhat higher, she has also recently begun having a discreet affair with Odin as well.

Campaign Use: Sif is a team player, and is unlikely to strike out on her own, although she might engage in a solo mission for Norsefire if Odin commanded it.  In combat she keeps focused on the mission at hand (unlike the hothead Thor), and does not have a problem with a tactical retreat if a situation goes against her and her forces at hand.  She likes targeting opponents with armor or natural Invulnerability; her ability to quickly bypass such defensive abilities tends to be a rude surprise for her foes.

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