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V&V Vednesday: Odin

Character Name: Odin     Real Name: William Morse    Side: Evil
Gender: Male     Height: 6'2"     Weight: 210 lbs     Age: 61

Physical Description: A man in his early 60's who still appears to be in fairly good shape, with an obvious military demeanor.  His hair is gray and short-cut,and he wears an eyepatch over his right eye.  His costume is a black bodysuit with dark blue trimmings.

STR: 32     END: 28      INT: 15     AGL: 15     CHA: 18

Level: 6th     XP: 24,905     Basic Hits: 5     Hit Points: 79      Healing Rate: 4.0/day
Movement: 75”      Power: 90      Carrying Capacity: 3,735 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d12
Damage Modifier: +2     Accuracy: +2    Detect Hidden: 12%     Detect Danger: 16%
Inventing: 45%     Inventing Points: 2.0     Reaction Modifier: -3 good/+3 evil
Training: Combat Accuracy with Gungnir

Animal Control (ravens, wolves, horses)
Heightened Endurance A: +16
Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with all ranged attacks
Heightened Expertise: +2 to hit with Gungnir (from training)
Heightened Strength A: +21
Invulnerability: 20pt
Mutant Power - Healing Touch (can restore 1d6 HP for PR=4; can not raise the dead, cure disease, or regenerate lost limbs, can heal muscle damage with effects beyond HP loss (i.e. torn hamstring, punctured lung) for +10 PR, can re-knit broken bones for +20 PR (bones should ideally be re-set before being healed in this manner))
Mutant Power - Power Creation (see below)
Teleportation (PR=6, portal, range = 7,000+ miles at full power)

Power Creation - this allows the character to create superhuman powers in otherwise normal human beings (this is generally a NPC ability, and is usually reserved for supervillains at that). Upon picking a suitable candidate, the process for determining powers is much like that for creating a beginning character: roll 1d6+2 powers plus weakness, drop one power, drop 2nd power if no weakness is chosen. Also, reduce the number of powers by one for each Skill (type A Heightened Attribute, Heightened Attack, Natural Weaponry, etc) the recipient has, and add one power if recipient has a pre-existing Weakness, minimum one power granted. The process is quite painful and dangerous for the recipient, as the process causes 1d20 damage for each power granted, potentially killing the candidate before the powers can be fully assimilated. For the person attempting to create powers in others, PR=25 per attempt, takes 5 minutes + 1d4 turns per power granted, will be Fatigued for 2d6 hours, and is only usable once per week)

In Odin's case, the first three powers granted will be a mixture of Heightened Endurance A, Heightened Strength A, and Invulnerability (roll a d6, divide by 2, to determine which of these are granted if the recipient gets only one or two powers).  Any powers past the third are determined randomly, as above.  In Odin's mind, these will all tie in somehow to the figures of Norse mythology, although in some cases the connection is pretty tenuous.   

Power Limitation - After using his Healing ability, Odin will within 1d20 turns pass into a deep sleep for a number of hours equal to the Power score spent on Healing multiplied by 1d3, with a minimum of 24 hours spent in this slumber (this will begin after he has done all the Healing he plans to do - it will not cut him off if he is trying to heal multiple persons, as long as it is done in a relatively short period of time).
Physical Handicap - One Eye (all range penalties are doubled, and detect scores are halved past 30")
Psychosis - Bigotry:  hates all non-Caucasians, and may have to make an INT roll if taunted or attacked by a minority (a d20 roll if taunted, a d100 roll if he takes damage) to avoid attacking  that person directly.  He also suffers a -4 reaction roll penalty from most people who do not share his views. 

Gungnir (a spear that has been modified to include an experimental energy weapon): +3 to hit in HTH, +1d4 damage in HTH, Power Blast (1d20 damage, range 14", 16 charges)

Areas of Knowledge
Military, Electronics, Crime, Hate Groups

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: William Morse signed up for the Army on his 18th birthday, to go off to Vietnam "to kill a lot of gooks".  He served two tours of duty there, and after the war's end, he signed on with a mercenary unit, one that primarily fought in African nations on behalf of pro-apartheid forces during the 70's and 80's.  In 1989, an enemy bullet creased the side of his skull, driving bone fragments into his right eye, eventually causing him to lose his vision in that eye.

In the 90's Morse mostly retired from active combat, instead acting as a consultant and trainer for various mercenary and criminal organizations, including Intercrime.  He also began to become more and more active with various white supremacist groups.  In 1998, he was working with a supervillain called Mr. Master, helping to train various guards and henchmen for the villain's underground lair just outside the Appalachian mountains.  Eventually, the base was attacked by a regional superhero team; the upper portion of the base was destroyed, but the lower part of the facility remained intact, although Morse was the only one aware of this.  He kept this information to himself, hoping to someday return to the facility, as he already had plans of forming his own white supremacist group, and thought that it might make a suitable base of operations.

For the next decade, Morse tried to build up his own power base, but had limited success.  In 2009 he had signed on as a security consultant for an Intercrime project, one involving genetic research concerning metahumans.  When that location was attacked by yet another superhero group, Morse took the opportunity to steal an experimental serum before escaping in the confusion.  Approaching his 60s', Morse was feeling his age, and was willing to take a chance on something that might will kill him but also might give him a second chance.

The serum worked better than Morse could have hoped, granting him increased physical prowess as well as other superpowers.  Familiar with the Norse myths of old due to their popularity among certain white supremacist groups, Morse decided to rename himself Odin.  After acquiring an experimental energy weapon and altering it to fit inside a spear ('Gungnir') he now carried (Morse had picked up a good working knowledge of electronics over the years due to working with various hi-tech criminal organizations), he redoubled his efforts into building his power base, re-branding his white supremacist followers as the criminal organization Norsefire.  Over time, Odin learned that he could grant superpowers to others, and rewards his most loyal and talented followers with newfound abilities.  He then re-names them after various figures of Norse mythology, depending on what powers they have gained.  These superhumans are referred to as the New Asgardians: at this time their numbers include Odin, Tyr, Thor, Sif, Loki, and Göndul.

Campaign Use: Odin is the leader of a violent racist criminal organization with no small amount of superhuman followers.  The ways that the PCs might come into conflict with Odin and Norsefire are pretty much endless.

Note: some of Odin's stats have been altered since I first posted this, in order to better line up with some of the other Norsefire members that I'll eventually get around to posting.

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