Friday, April 15, 2011

V&V A to Z: Michelle Moriarty

Character Name: Michelle Moriarty    Secret ID: n/a     Side: Good
GenderFemale     Height: 5'8"     Weight: 140 lbs     Age: 26
Physical Description: A tall, attractive, Caucasian female with dark black hair, brown eyes, and stern features.  She normally wears a dark colored pantsuit while dealing with clients, but often favors more causal clothing while working. 

STR: 12     END: 13     INT: 25     AGL: 12     CHA: 16

Level: 7th     XP: 27,091     Basic Hits: 3     Hit Points: 10     Healing Rate: 0.9/day
Movement: 37”    Power: 62  Carrying Capacity: 212 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d4
Damage Modifier: +3     Accuracy: +1     Detect Hidden: 69%     Detect Danger: 66%  
Inventing Points: 3.5     Inventing: 75%     Reaction Modifier: +2 good/-2 evil
Training: Detect Hidden  

Heightened Expertise: +1 to hit with pistol (from training)
Heightened Intelligence A: +11
Heightened Senses: Keen Awareness (x3 to Detect Hidden and Detect Danger, +15% to Detect Hidden from training, can use Detect Hidden roll to study body language to pick up on lies and other non-verbal cues)
Mutant Power: Hyper-linguist (speaks and reads over two dozen languages – most major active languages, several minor ones, a few dead languages, and if the campaign world allows, an alien tongue or two)
Mutant Power: Photographic Memory
Natural Weaponry (+1 to hit, +2 to damage - martial arts)
Weakness Detection: +9 to hit after study

Pistol (+3 to hit, 1d8 damage, 72” range)
Smoke pellets (can be thrown up to 6” away, creates darkness 3” radius)
Flash pellets (can be thrown up to 6” away, blinding flash 3” radius as per Light Control)
Wristwatch computer (functions as a laptop computer, internet connection where there is wi-fi)
Lockpick kit (+4 to roll to bypass/open locks)
Motorcycle (125 MPH, 5 hits to disable, 20 to demolish, +4 to any AGL rolls required due to auto-stabilizers, laptop computer built in, scrambles radar gun readings automatically)

Areas of Knowledge
Detective Work, Chemistry, Computers, Mathematics, Acting

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Michelle was one of those annoying kids who was good at anything and everything she set her mind to. The terms 'genius' and 'prodigy' were tossed about freely, and it seemed that that the only thing that could hold her back was a tendency to grow bored rather quickly with any particular field of study.

While still quite young, she took a brief interest in genealogy, and discovered that she was a descendant of the Moriarty, the infamous 19th century crime lord (whose organization was said to be the predecessor of Intercrime). After learning this, she spent the better part of a week contemplating what this would mean for her future. Should she try to follow in her ancestor's footprints, or should she rather follow the path of the detective that bested him?

Eventually she decided that crime, and evil actions in general, tend to eventually be self-defeating in nature. Moreso, she realized that it would be more challenging (and therefore more enjoyable) to solve crimes rather than commit them.

And so, she resolved to become a detective. Virtually all of her various studies through high school and college all were to lead to that goal. Once she graduated from college (4.0 GPA, of course, double-major in Chemistry and Mathematics), she quickly acquired a detective's license, and not long after that began to make a name for herself as someone who could solve the most baffling and unusual of cases. She especially enjoys cases involving superhumans, or other alien or unusual aspects, as they provide unique challenges that might not be present in more mundane cases. She will sometimes accept high-tech gadgets as a form of payment for her services.

Her mother and father were brutally murdered by a serial killer three years ago. Although finding the killer and bring him to justice was not her most challenging case, it was the one that changed her the most. Before her parents' deaths, the cases she took were based primarily on their ability to challenge and interest her (as well as the ability to pay her well). Now, despite all her continued pretense to the contrary, she finds herself more empathic toward the victims of crime. While she still mainly takes cases that hold the promise to intrigue and surprise her, she now occasionally takes on a case that may not pay as well, if her newborn sense of justice and ethics are suitably offended.

Campaign Use: The PCs may wish to hire Michelle's services for an especially baffling mystery. She will accept such work from superheroes, but will expect to be properly reimbursed, either in cash, access to unusual technology, or perhaps just a favor to be claimed at a later date.

A relative or friend of a PC might hire her to find our why the PC acts strangely, and/or is always disappearing during times of crisis...

Finally, Michelle may wind up having a price on her head from one or more criminal organizations, and the PCs may have to protect her from superpowered assassins.

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