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Trollslayers - Levels and Improvement

Haven't posted any TS stuff in a while, mainly because what was to be the next step was dealing with damage and injury... and I keep going back and forth on that.  The ideal balancing point between detail and simplicity is a rather elusive beast, and for the moment I don't seem to be making any headway in how I want to handle it.

So for a little bit I'm going to step sideways and tackle a different topic.  Err, topics.  You know what I mean.


The number of Experience Points required for a given level is as follows:

Level          EP required
    1                    500
    2                 1,500
    3                 3,000
    4                 5,000
    5                 7,500
    6               10,500
    7               14,000
    8               18,000
    9               22,500
  10               27,500
  11               33,000
  12               39,000
  13               45,500
  14               52,500
  15               60,000
  16               68,000
  17               76,500
  18               85,500
  19               95,000
  20             105,000

The formula is as follows: (500 x new level) + amount of EP required for previous level.

The default for player characters is to start off at 1st level with 500 EP.  That 500 EP represents the previous training, experience, etc. the character has already picked up along the way, and it is what separates them from the vast majority of Commoners.  Henchmen and hirelings that the PCs may hire might have some EP, although they might not have enough to qualify for 1st level (and yes, the gaining of EP will be a separate post).


Upon gaining a new level (past the first), a character gets to make two improvements to their character sheet.  The types of improvements that can be made are as follows:

     Add +1 to any Attribute

     Acquire a new Talent, or add +1 to the effect of an existing Talent (within the limitations on maximum number of talents and max skill level for a given talent)

     Add two points to the character's Health score - the maximum number of points that can be added to Health in this manner is equal to half the character's END score (round down)

     Add five points to the character's Essence score - the maximum number of points that can be added to Essence in this manner is equal to the character's (PRE score x attribute modifier for KNO)

     Acquire a new spell - this is dependent on circumstance allowing for the character to conceivably be able to learn a new spell by rummaging through the library of an ancient city, get your master to open up his spellbook to you, etc. - the spell must be 1/2 the character's level for a Magician, 1/3 the character's level for a Paragon, and 1/4 the character's level for an Expert (round down in all cases), and for the Expert to acquire a spell in this manner the spell must coincide with the character's Profession (this is, of course, in addition to the standard methods of learning a new spell, which is either pay good money to try to learn it, or acquire the spell formula during an adventure)

A character can not make the same improvement twice per level.  For example, a character can not upon gaining a new level have both of their improvements be to their STR score, although they could improve both their STR and another Attribute during the same level.

Some improvements may be mandated by the character's recent circumstances.  For example, if the character has spent pretty much all of the previous level on a sailing ship because they were shanghaied while at a port town, then the GM might reasonably expect that at least one of the character's improvement for that level is to buy a nautical-based Talent (if they don't already have one).  Likewise, if the character has spent much of their time recently in the slave pits, the GM asking that one of the improvements to the previously wimpy character might be an addition to STR or END.

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