Thursday, April 28, 2011

V&V A to Z: Xonox

Character Name: Xonox     Alternate I.D.: n/a     Side: Evil
Gender: Male     Height: 6'4"     Weight: 260 lbs     Age: 39
Physical Description: An alien humanoid with orange skin, purple hair, and an equine-looking face . 

STR: 15     END: 23    INT: 26     AGL: 21    CHA: 13

Level: 5th     XP: 15,291     Basic Hits: 6     Hit Points: 73     Healing Rate: 3.6/day
Movement: 109"    Power: 85    Carrying Capacity: 738 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d8 
Damage Modifier: +4    Accuracy: +4   Detect Hidden: 18%     Detect Danger: 22%  
Inventing Points: 0.5     Inventing: 78%     Reaction Modifier: -1 good/+1 evil     
Training: INT  

Animal Powers (Mammal)
     Heightened Agility A: +11
     Heightened Endurance A: +11
     Speed Bonus +50"
Heightened Intelligence A: +13
Vibratory Powers (range 42:, 2d8 damage, 30% chance to destroy devices on special attack, PR = 5, PR =2 to walk through walls and use as a defense)
Willpower (type A)

Diminished Senses – like all of his race, Xonox is color-blind, seeing his surroundings in a gray-ish monochrome.

Areas of Knowledge
Research/Technology, Science (physics)

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Far from Earth, on the planet Sionneq, there evolved a race known as the Keltarrians.  Physically impressive, they are on the whole a fairly gentle and non-violent people (if also a bit xenophobic).  Xonox was a great scientist among their people, a physicist who was studying the intricacies of kinetic motion.  One day, a short-circuit in his lab caused an explosion with the machine he was using to study kinetic energies.  The explosion somehow granted him the ability to project waves of kinetic force, as well as the ability to alter his own personal molecular pattern, allowing him to walk through physical objects without effort.  Unfortunately, the explosion also altered his brain chemistry, and eventually drove him quite mad.       

The killing spree that Xonox went on was unlike anything Sionneq had seen in recent memory. Over time, Xonox realized that even he could not stand against an entire world by himself. Stealing a starship, he did not entirely manage to escape the wrath of his people – a shot from a pursuing starfighter damaged the computer of Xonox's ship, and when he attempted to enter warpspace, the navigation system was destroyed.

Several harrowing days later, the ship came out of warpspace, and proceeded to crash into Earth's atmosphere. The ship itself was destroyed by the uncontrolled entrance into the atmosphere, but Xonox managed to escape the craft's demise via a small emergency escape vessel.

Landing in a small, secluded town on the Atlantic coast of Canada, Xonox gleefully killed several dozen of the soft, ugly inhabitants of this primitive world, torturing some while learning the local language. He soon learned that while functional starcraft weren't exactly common on this world, neither were they completely unknown, and that other starfaring races had on occasion visited this mudball of a planet. He wanted to acquire such a craft and to leave this pitiful world, but he knew such a task would not be an easy one.

Shortly thereafter, Xonox was contacted by representatives of Intercrime, who made him an offer. He would be able to use the organization's substantial resources to pursue his goal, in exchange for working as a science adviser and inventor. Xonox agreed.

Now, Xonox works for Intercrime, working on whatever pet project they assign him to, while he closely monitors any sign of non-terrestrial starships (fully aware that Intercrime would also greatly value such a prize, and that they are in no hurry to lose his technical skills). He greatly despises these smelly, repulsive 'humans', but then, these days he's not that enamored with his fellow Keltarrians either, so its kind of relative. When he is able to leave Earth, he plans to leave several 'gifts' behind, which he hopes will severely depopulate this hated planet.

Campaign Use: Xonox can fit many roles in a superhero campaign; walking plot device for high-tech toys that the bad guys may have, a complication in dealing with a downed alien spacecraft, and last but not least, a superpowered psychopathic mass murderer. He's good at multitasking that way.

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