Saturday, April 9, 2011

V&V A to Z: Holocaust

Character Name: Holocaust    Real Name: Adam Millar     Side: Evil
Gender: Male     Height: 6'2”     Weight: 240 lbs     Age: 26
Physical Description: A tall, extremely muscular white male with short-cut blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a white bodysuit with dark blue gloves, boots, and belt.   

STR: 33     END: 30     INT: 12     AGL: 15     CHA: 16

Level: 4th     XP: 13,095     Basic Hits: 5     Hit Points: 80     Healing Rate: 4.5/day
Movement: 78"     Power: 90     Carrying Capacity: 4,672 lbs     HTH Damage: 2d8
Damage Modifier: +1     Accuracy: +1     Detect Hidden: 10%     Detect Danger: 14%  
Inventing Points: 1.8     Inventing: 36%     Reaction Modifier: -2 Good/+2 Evil
Training: Heightened Expertise with HTH attacks  

Flame Power: range 63”, 1d12 damage, PR 2, defense PR 3 to activate, PR 3 per attack,    damage added to successful HTH attacks if defense is up, no flight ability
Heightened Endurance B: +15
Heightened Expertise: +3 to hit with Flame Power (from training)
Heightened Strength B: +17
Invulnerability: 16 pt
Natural Weaponry: +1 to hit, +2 damage (martial arts)

Bigot - Hates everyone who is not a heterosexual white protestant (he's also not too crazy    about 'uppity women', for that matter), and may have to make an INT roll if taunted or    attacked by a minority (a d20 roll if taunted, a d100 roll if he takes damage) to avoid attacking  that person directly. He also suffers a -4 reaction roll penalty from most people who do not    share his views.

Area of Knowledge
Agriculture, Military, Hate Groups

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: Adam always hated those who were different.

The Jews who owned the banks and tried to foreclose on the family farm. The Catholics with their heathen rites. The homosexuals with their deviant lifestyles. The Muslims who were trying to destroy America. The atheists who were trying to deny Americans the ability to worship God. The Mexicans who were trying to invade the country through illegal immigration. The blacks, the Asians, the liberal elite... all trying to destroy what was righteous and good about America.

Adam joined the Army, in hopes of “killing some towel-heads,” and to try to take the fight to those who would destroy America. He did see combat in Afghanistan, where his lack of self-control eventually led him to firing on civilians, killing them. Adam was tried for his crimes by a military tribunal, and was found guilty. He was court-martialed, and sent to a military prison.

While in prison he was chosen for an secret government experiment, one attempting to alter the DNA so that the test subject is less susceptible to pain, and able to go for extended of periods of time without rest, while magnifying the adrenal boost that ties in to feats of strength. In Adam's case, the experiment exceeded all expectations, triggering his inherent meta-human abilities. Not only did he gain superhuman strength and endurance, as well as the ability to ignore large amounts of damage, but his latent pyrokinetic abilities kicked in, as well.

Using his newfound powers to escape from the military prison, Adam eventually took shelter with a nearby White Supremacist group. Now calling himself Holocaust, it wasn't long before he rose to a position of authority within the organization. Eventually, he managed to convince the group to rename themselves the Purifiers. Now he tries to use the Purifiers, and his own superhuman abilities, to incite a race war and purge America of all the undesirable elements.

In a fight, Holocaust is not stupid, but neither is he terribly subtle. He prefers to injure and weaken opponents from a distance with his flame powers, and then close in and use his great strength for the coup de grace.

Campaign Use: Some villains are so nasty that even most other villains want nothing to do with them – Holocaust is such a character. Any number of friends and allies of the PCs might find themselves targeted by the Purifiers for whatever reason. Many plans that Holocaust will try to set in motion will involve framing a minority – perhaps an acquaintance of the PC's, or even one of the PC's themselves - for some hideous and violent crime, in the hopes of inciting racial violence. The PCs should have no lack of reasons for confronting Holocaust and his followers.

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