Wednesday, April 6, 2011

V&V A to Z: Emerald Eagle

Character Name: Emerald Eagle     Real Name: Samuel     Side: Evil
Gender: Male     Height: 5'3"     Weight: 130 lbs     Age: 16
Physical Description: A humanoid figure covered in feathers (the color scheme of the feathers match that of a bald eagle), with a pair of wings growing from his back. His head has his eyes on the side of his head, and he has a sharp curved beak on his mouth. His legs are long and skinny, with taloned feet. He also has (retractable) claws on his fingers. His 'costume' consists of gym shorts and a tank top, both of a deep green color.

STR: 9     END: 17     INT: 13     AGL: 27     CHA: 9

Level: 3rd     XP: 7,911     Basic Hits: 3     Hit Points: 17     Healing Rate: 1.2/day
Movement: 53" (ground), 716” (flight)     Power: 66  
Carrying Capacity: 158 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d4
Damage Modifier: +3     Accuracy: +5     Detect Hidden: 10%     Detect Danger: 14%  
Inventing Points: 1.9     Inventing: 39%     Reaction Modifier: -/-
Training: Endurance  

Heightened Agility A: +10
Heightened Endurance A: +8
Heightened Senses: can see twice as far as a normal human can
Natural Weaponry: +2 to hit, +4 to damage (claws and talons)
Wings (162 mph)

Auto-pistol (+3 to hit, 1d8 damage, 15 bullets/clip)

Prejudice (partially for his appearance, partially because he is a created human/animal hybrid)

Areas of Knowledge
Computers, Electronics, Crime

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: The being now known as the Emerald Eagle was one of many unique beings created on the secret island base of Dr. Victoria Prendick, a brilliant but amoral scientist who had dedicated her life to the creation of new forms of humanity that incorporated grafting animal DNA onto a human base. A human/eagle hybrid, he was named Samuel by Dr. Prendick, but later picked up the nickname the 'Emerald Eagle' due to his love of the color green (the nickname amused Dr. Prendick, as there had been a WWII-era superhero by the same name). He had many 'brothers' and 'sisters', all of whom where also human-animal hybrids of different animal types. Samuel was reasonably bright in his studies, and quickly developed a knack for dealing with computers and electronics.

Samuel was more curious about the outside world than most of his brothers and sisters, and would occasionally (against Prendick's orders) fly off the island to covertly observe humanity. It was this curiosity that saved his life; he was on such an off-island excursion when, two years ago, CHESS launched a major raid on the island; Prendick died in the assault, and the various hybrids were all either captured or killed, as well. Samuel returned to the island as the last of the battles were dying down. He barely escaped with his life.

For the next year Samuel lived a meager existence, avoiding humanity for the most part, occasionally stealing what supplies he needed and technological equipment that he desired. He didn't bother stealing money or other forms of wealth – it's not like he would be able to walk into a store and spend it. Eventually he came to the attention of Intercrime, who made him an offer; in exchange for performing certain tasks for them, not only would they pay him, but they would also create an online identity for him that he could use to spend that wealth.

He has spent the last year doing various jobs for Intercrime, and as a result the Emerald Eagle (as he is publicly known) is wanted by various law enforcement agencies, although they know little about him (CHESS has its suspicions, but are keeping quiet about them for the moment). He now lives in an otherwise-abandoned loft, courtesy of Intercrime. He gets discreet deliveries of basic amenities, as well as whatever else he orders online. When not on a job, he is either watching television (he loves 'reality' TV shows), or he is online, conversing with various people via chatrooms, instant messaging, and message boards. These online conversations help somewhat with his need for companionship, but he is still very lonely. If he were offered membership into a supervillain group, he would probably accept, just to feel that he was once again part of a family.

Campaign Use: Intercrime often uses the Emerald Eagle for dangerous robberies of expensive and unusual items, and that is how the PCs will most likely encounter him. Samuel has a burning hatred for CHESS, and will gladly take on any mission that hurts and humiliates them, so if the PCs have ties to CHESS, they will eventually encounter him, probably at a time and place of his choosing and advantage.

It's also possible that a descendant of the original Emerald Eagle might take offense at a criminal besmirching the hero's good name, and wishes to confront the villain in one-on-one combat. The descendant seeks out the PCs, asking for help in tracking down the avian adversary, and in helping to deal with any allies that Samuel might have. The would-be hero has access to the original Emerald Eagle's equipment, is in fairly good shape, and has some unarmed combat training... but is probably not a match for Samuel in a straight-up fight. The PCs may wish to covertly aid the would-be hero during their fight, without letting either combatant know that they are doing so.     

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