Monday, April 25, 2011

V&V A to Z: Ulsyllia

Character Name: Ulsyllia     Alternate I.D.: n/a     Side: Neutral
Gender: Female     Height: 4'10"     Weight: 90 lbs     Age: ???
Physical Description: A diminutive female of slight build, fey-ish features, and unearthly beauty. She wears wispy robes of light cloth colored with earthy hues (greens and browns). 

STR: 8     END: 10     INT: 15     AGL: 27     CHA: 26

Level: 7th     XP: 28,734     Basic Hits: 2     Hit Points: 6     Healing Rate: 0.5/day
Movement: 75"      Power: 60    Carrying Capacity: 68 lbs     HTH Damage: 1d3 Damage Modifier: +4    Accuracy: +5    Detect Hidden: 12%     Detect Danger: 16%  
Inventing Points: 0.5     Inventing: 45%     Reaction Modifier: -5     Training: INT  

Animal Control (all)
Draw From The Earth (takes one minute to perform, in an unspoiled woodland or glade may gain +3d6 extra Power Points, which last one hour, any excess Power after hour's end is lost)
Emotion Control (love)
Heightened Agility: +15
Heightened Charisma: +16
Heightened Senses (Detect scores are x4 in woodland areas)
Heightened Senses (automatically sense all magic with 26” (CHR) range)
Illusions A (all physical senses, PR=4)
Invisibility (only in woodland areas, blending into colorization of nearby trees and other foliage)
Plant Control
Speed Bonus: +30”
Wind Blast (1d8 damage, PR=2, range 16” (Sx2), attack as Vibratory, knockback figured as if damage is doubled)

Vulnerability – takes x2 damage from fire, iron-based attacks (such as most swords), and modern chemical pollutants; also takes 1 pt of damage per turn simply be being in contact with iron or modern pollutants or chemicals (i.e. just touching motor oil on her finger would trigger this)

Areas of Knowledge
Woodlore, Magic

Character Notes/Origin/Personality: There are many lands beyond the ones we know. In days long past, the faerie lands wold occasionally intersect with our own mortal plane. As our own world has turned away from the old ways, and become more dependent upon technology, this crossing of worlds between the Earth and the lands of the Fey have become increasingly rare.

Still, there are those of the faerie lands who would occasionally peer into the mortal realms, for as mortals in ages past would often become enchanted by the Fey, so likewise the inhabitants of faerie would sometimes become enamored with mortal men or women. One such being was Ulsyllia; not among the youngest of her people, but neither by any means among the elders of the Fey (although it is difficult to determine age among such beings, for time passes differently in the faerie lands than they do on Earth). She was old enough to remember when, as a child, the lands of Fey and Earth crossed more frequently, and the mortal world was not yet corrupted by machines and foul stenches in the air above their cities.

And so, when there was a rare opening between the two worlds, Ulsyllia gleefully went exploring into the mortal lands; unfortunately for her, she misjudged the nature of the rift between the two realms, and found herself stranded on Earth, unable to return to the faerie lands.

Now Ulsyllia uses her abilities to survive among the humans, while trying to discover a way back to her home. She is not deliberately malicious or cruel in her treatment of humans, but she has little understanding or concern for the mores and ethics of humanity.         

Campaign Use: Ulsyllia could easily be either a friend or a foe to the PCs, depending on how hey approach her. If treated kindly, she might over time learn to respect the treatment of humans in return. If the PCs can help her return to the lands of the Fey, they will have gained a steadfast ally. However, if they are unable or unwilling to do so, Ulsyllia will ally herself with anyone, good or evil, who can (or at least, says that they can) return her to the faerie lands.

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