Saturday, April 2, 2011

Trollslayers - Combat Modifiers (part 2)

Combat Maneuvers

All-out attack: two attacks, or one attack at +2 to hit, -2 to DEF

All-out defense: no attacks, +2 to DEF

Draw weapon and attack in the same round: -1 to hit with dagger, -2 to hit with other weapons

Attacking from target's side: +1 to hit

Attacking from target's rear: +2 to hit

Surprise attack on target (not yet in combat): +2 to hit

Surprise attack on target (while in combat): +1 to hit

Unusual/unexpected attack: +1 to hit

Attacking with off-hand: -2 to hit

Attacking with two weapons: -2 to hit for each attack

Aiming: +1 to hit per round aimed (max bonus = weapon skill level +1)

Bracing: +1 to hit with crossbows

Feinting:  Use OBS instead of DEX as the attribute modifier for the 'attack' roll.  The target's DEF includes modifiers for both OBS and DEX, but armor and shields are not considered.  If successful, half the number the roll is made by (round up) is added to the next attack roll.

Pop-up attack from cover:  -2 to hit, personal DEF bonus for cover reduced by -1, maximum DEF cover bonus is +2

Attacking from above: +1 to hit

Attacking from below: -1 to hit

Attacking from horseback: -1 to hit in melee, -2 to hit with missile attacks

Attacking while blind: -4 to hit

Attacking while stunned from damage in previous round: -3 to hit

Attacking while moving: -1 to missile attacks per 5 ft moved

Target Status

Target running: +1 DEF vs missile attacks

Target off-balance or stunned: -1 DEF

Target climbing wall: -2 DEF (and no shield bonus, of course)

Target pinned or entangled: -3 DEF

Target unconscious: -4 DEF, no DEX bonus

Certain talents can help to offset certain penalties.  A single point in Ambidexterity will negate the off-hand penalty.  Each talent level in Dual Attacks will offset the penalty for attacking with two weapons.  Each talent in Horse Riding will offset the respective penalty for attacking from horseback.  For example, someone with Horse Riding +1 would have no penalty with melee attacks from horseback, and only a -1 penalty with missile attacks.

A horseman attacking someone on foot with a sword would have offsetting penalties (+1 for attacking from above, -1 for attacking from horseback).  Of course, if said swordsman has a talent in Horse Riding, the penalty for attacking from horseback would be negated, and he would enjoy the +1 bonus to hit for attacking from above.

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